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Children's theatre and panto roles include: Beauty in Beauty and the Beast (touring), Alice in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (touring) and the Blue Fairy in Pinnochio (4Kingdoms). I also teach performing arts to children (Stageability and Steppin’ Out) and run workshops, both separate to and as part of performances.     


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  • Water Fairy in  A Summer Ball (EPTC, August 2023)

  • Anna in A Frozen Show (EPTC, June 2023)

  • Arylide in Percy's Machine (EPTC, August 2021)

  • Violet in Letters to the Fairies for (EPTC, August 2021)

  • Alice in Alice’s Teacup Adventures (EPTC, February 2020)

  • Beauty in Beauty and the Beast (Tickled Pink, December 2019)

  • Mrs Cratchett/Belle in A Christmas Carol (Tickled Pink, November/December 2019)

  • Helena in TIE production of Midsummer Night’s Dream (Ravenscourt Arts, June 2019)

  • Snuggly Bunny in Snuggly Bunny’s Spring Adventure (EPTC, April 2018)

  • Soldier in The Tinderbox (EPTC, February 2019)

  • Aphrodite in Eros and Psyche (EPTC, various dates July-August 2018)

  • Goldilocks in Three Tales (EPTC, various dates February-April 2018)

  • Blue Fairy in Pinocchio (April – August, tour 2017)

  • Lydia in Letters to Santa (December 2016)

  • Viola in EPTC Twelfth Night (split Spring/Summer tour 2016)

  • Belle in Pirates and Princesses (EPTC, December 2015 and 2016)

  • Elsa in EPTC Snow Queen (December 2015 and 2016)

  • Alice in Alice in Neverland (EPTC, December 2015)

  • George in George and the Dragon (EPTC, tour Spring 2015)

  • Belle in EPTC Princess Tour (October 2014)


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