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Roles in both short and feature films include: Samantha in Haunting, Daryl in Dead Name, Heather in Lover’s Scorn and January Walters in The Pocket Watch.                        



Feature Film

  • Lesley in Hollyweird (Maha Films, May 2023)

  • Darryl in Dead Name (Warren Badenski Films, September 2019)


Short Film

  • Samantha in Haunting (John Aldridge Dream State, June 2023)

  • Jane in Clown Steak (John Aldridge Dream State, April 2023)

  • Joanne in Two for One (Redshift Media, December 2022)

  • Woman in Multitasking (Claire Barrow Films, September 2018)

  • Heather in Lover’s Scorn (Warren Badenski Films, June 2018)

  • January Walters in The Pocket Watch (Reading Film, March 2018)

  • Elena King in The King is Dead (Oakwood Studios, February 2018)

  • Agent 1 in Soldier, Agent, Lover, Spy (Reading Film, January 2018)

  • Victoria in Forward Fix (Paternoster Productions, August 2017)


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